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Reviews for Daily Decadence

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Really proud of this one from San Francisco Bay Guardian online: “Sherri Dobay feels like a kindred spirit… although young, her romantic, sensual verbiage communicates that “old soul,” the kind of view with which I’ve seen the world since girlhood. Food, wine, art, nature, horses (she’s a rider) are her subject, and she is as inspiring as she is comforting...” Read the full review says “Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living almost reads like a diary.  This means you can easily read parts of the book whenever you have time, and easily put it down again until you have time to indulge for more.  I found this to be the perfect book to read before bed because I could read about one or two of Sherri’s life events and the recipes she shared with them and then go to sleep.Read the full review!

Jennifer at writes: “She seems to pick up the beauty in things most of us take for granted.  I had forgotten just how much passion artists have for life and all things in it.  It was very fascinating to read and definitely makes you think more about what you can do to become this relaxed and content with life.Read the full review

Stephanie O’Dea had a fun giveaway on her blog “Today’s review is something totally different than the reviews I have done before.  “Daily Decadence“ by Sherri Dobay is not the average cookbook.  It is more of a peek into Sherri Dobay’s diary.  Yes, there are delicious recipes.  The recipes come along with details on not only how to make the recipe, but how to actually ENJOY making and eating food.”

Sonya Varga writes “This book is awesome! In today’s world we are all caught up in our busy lives. Rarely do we take the time to slow down and see the beauty in each day, in each moment, in everything that surrounds us and makes up the whole of our days.She is giving books away, too!

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Amy Gardner at WineTalent says… “Who wouldn’t love a book about decadent, sensual living.  She had me at the title!  Sherri’s book is a mix of personal reflections, recipes, wine/food pairing ideas and funny advice on life.  I do enjoy her advice on entertaining–from the types of people to invite to the type of ambiance to create.  She also gives advice on how to look at life by relating how she has done things–in life, in love and in the home.Read the whole review

vinopionion says… “Daily Decadence is a mashup of a lifetime’s worth of short anecdotes about love, life, art, and wine, all centered around detailed recipes for gourmet cooking… Now, sexy is pretty much always good in my book (no pun intended…I think) and Dobay is definitely working that angle throughout Daily Decadence.  One of the reasons that I love the works by Frances Mayes (Twitter, Facebook), for instance, is that she has no fear about adding sensuality and sexy anecdotes to her food, wine, and travel writing. When describing the taste of a simple roasted chicken, Dobay launches into a remembrance of a love letter she once wrote to a former lover…Read the whole review says… “Quirky, non-linear, compassionate and perhaps dabbling in genius, it is hard to pin down the exact nature of artist Sherri Dobay’s Daily Decadence the art of sensual living. The work combines Dobay’s dabblings in wine, cooking, love, sex, sketching and being in California’s Wine Country…Read the whole review

Yahoo Book Review says “I admire Dobay for all her life’s pursuits, and can tell she’s a sensitive, creative soul (especially after reading her feelings for Van Gogh). Overall, this is an inspiring book…” Read the whole review

On The Examiner Online as well as Celebrating Home with Karie Engels says “Can you fall in love with a book?  Yes, you can and yes, I did…Read full review

Lodie’s Blog says “Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living is one of the most sensual books of the summer written by Sherri Dobay…” Read full review

Si Dunn of says “…there is no denying Sherri Dobay’s bright, cajoling spirit. She wants us to try harder to make unfettered time for ourselves each day and use it to enjoy a bit of decadence…Read full review

The Pulse Magazine names Daily Decadence number 7 on its Seven Sexy Cookbooks list just out. Nice.

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