The book is coming right along. I have been working with my agent to get the chapter sections into an order that makes poetic sense and flows with ease. Recipes have arrived from friends and family. I am excited to include them alongside my own favorites. There will be Helene’s Quiche and some of Mama’s Peach Pie, just in time for peach season, thank you very much!

And the vines are puzzled it seems in this strange cool summer, wanting more sun, more heat, to ripen the heavy set we were blessed with. Seems like dropping crop is a theme this year. So I walk through the rows and lightly touch the still-green clusters, knowing only a few will make it into the bottle.

My barrel garden of vegetables and herbs is also a bit unsure. The basil is fine, as usual, but not one ripe tomato yet.

The season has at least been one heavy with the blessing of friends. We have said yes to every dinner party, even if we did need sweaters after dusk. Looking forward to many more, one even tonight I believe. Looking forward to seeing what harvest brings.

xo, Ruby

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