August 13, 2012

Early morning observations… Since I have never been married before I have been experiencing this year as a voyeuristic stranger. And learning that it’s very strange being a bride. Strange is a bad word choice. Let me rephrase this. I noticed something extra-ordinary today–amongst all the planning, I have been taking very extra-good care of myself this past year… all because of the wedding. I have always worked out and felt that I was leading a healthy life but this has been different. Better skin care, back on a serious exercise plan, better diet, less wine, more sleep. And I suppose, subconsciously or obviously, I’m motivated by the wedding. Why is it that women do this when they are getting married, or having a baby, etc… and why don’t we just make ourselves and our health a priority otherwise? We shift right out of the self-pampering mode when the motivation passes.

I am grateful for this observation now because I intend to take this on with me. I want to continue this kind of soft and steady nurturing care for myself from now on. It feels good! Balanced! Healthy. Allows me to awaken rested and ready. And that is the greatest feeling in the world. And while being a bride is heavenly, being good to yourself out of love and respect is divine.