i was recently asked on facebook for some thanksgiving feast pairing ideas. thanks katie from Anne’s Fabulous Finds! this was my response. thought it might be fun to see (if you missed it in the comments…)

katie writes:

I’m an AFF employee and fellow wine lover:o) Can you suggest a wine that will pair nicely with my Thanksgiving day meal? TIA!!!”


def. if you are doing the traditional thing, i would suggest you start with a champagne, my fave: vintage dom. ;) heaven help me i love that stuff. oc, if that is unavailable a chilly veuve clicquot is always appropriate. moving on to the meal…


if you are starting with anything light you can transition from bubbles with a nice viognier or a robust sauvignon blanc (they are not all high notes, some are very mellow and great for this time of year). the go-to start white is always a good riesling, but i want to give you some options here.


off to red-land… well now things get interesting. i always love syrah or rhone blends of course, but which? well, are you into chateauneuf du pape? they are the most wonderful wines, complex and yet very approachable. the rich, heavy foods we like for thanksgiving want wine that is just as bold. it has to hold up! if you go with duck you might do well with a bigger pinot noir…


dessert – who needs pie when you have Château d’Yquem Sauternes!!! ;) heavenly!


remember, wine is a very personal thing. you can’t go wrong if you follow a few simple pairing rules which — i will actually post on my site today. thanks for the nudge.


btw, i won’t carry a bag unless i can fit an entire 750 bottle into it comfortably. my favorite kooba serves me well these days. ;)


xo, ruby (lmk how it goes….)

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