oh yes, parties parties…

what a beautiful night we had out at tra vigne. bring your own mag again proved that good things come in small packages as well as big ones.

the wine! some standouts from my notes… heitz 2002 martha’s … caramel, coca cola, sweet herbs. another heitz, bella oaks which was an entire pizza shop in a glass – creamy cheese, sausages, marinara, yes.

we dove into a 1991 hillside shafer (and maybe there was a theme here at this wonderful italian restaurant?) because my notes say: spaghetti-Os (!) and still so bright and lively after all this time (really good).

2004 carter to kalon cabernet spanked us with deep black cherry, earthy layers and … was that an entire havanna cigar wrapped tight and sweet (or was marvin there in spirit if not in person?).

2004 harlan was rich and still incredibly tight “shameful to drink this so fast” i had written… but we knew even a mag would be drained in a heartbeat at this party – even though we were almost first at the bar! still, all the promises were in there…

we had coppola’s cask from 2005 … a mouthful of christmas cake, beautiful, a delightfully spiced nose.

also loved the ’05 scarecrow – a birthday party!

surprise wine of the night was the 2004 aston pinot – what softness…”delicious, long finish on a whisper soft pinot noir – delicate and subtle” were my exact words.

we had many more wines, but at a certain point in the night, a girl has to know when to put down the pen and dance.

can’t wait til next year.


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