well, i started with a splash of William Févre Chablis Premier Cru full of orchids and oysters, crisp green apples… then Krug round and nutty with peaches layered on good and warm (but not too warm), the Schramsberg — “You’re Hugh Davies! No, YOU’RE HUGH DAVIES!” creamy and lush, vintage 2000 Dom Pérignon (yes, i know i had it last night, but they were next in line) i wrote “this is so delicious… so smooth and really so feminine lemon cream… ” i do love vintage champagne! then the Salon 1997 speaking of vintage, wonderful, clean and open… then the Louis Roederer Cristal in my book it says: “the ocean the sea, like licking salt water off warm skin” now that’s good. there was Pol Roger in there as well, bringing me back to earth…in a very good way

it was right from bubbles to Lafite and the 2003 was perfection. i really loved this wine. “fall leaves and oh so subtle and lush, restrained and elegant power like a strong horse in harness held lightly back… really lovely ” Bob Foley’s Claret was exceptionally nice, at high recommendation the Red Car pinot and it was indeed well received delich is the note in the book, the 2001 Château Margaux was perfume in a glass yes! lilac and lavendar.

then the Château Cheval Blanc also an 01 oh St Emilion i can taste you all right there… chocolate, almonds, earth… delicious, again!

then i moved from france to argentina. but in the middle i did a few dessert wines to mix it up. why be linear when the night is young? my favorite was the 1998 Château d’Yquem sauternes… bliss in a glass perfectly balanced between heaven and earth. on to Robert Weil reisling auslese 2005 also lovely…

the Trapiche Malbec omg big, explosive, juicy and spicy… massive and fabulous! xoxoxo in the book. Nosotros 2006 was dusty earthy and full of ripe blackberry… Bodegas y Viñedos O. Fournier was yummy and juicy, too…Catena Zapata was like a good, powerful manhattan full of bourbon and cherries, the Alta Vista was a courageous blend of seventy five percent malbec and twenty five percent new vine cab a great experiment, i want more!

somehow next was La Fleur-Pétrus the 2005 was young yet deep cherry wonderful fruit love this… on to the 1989 Ridge which started out funky and turned to silk in my glass oh my…and the Chapoutier Sizeranne was outstanding as well they are so ambitious…

by this time as you can imagine my book was getting heavy with all those notes but on i pressed. the ports were waiting after all.

i tried the Lagrange, the Chryseia from Prats & Symington (fruitcake soaked in rum) there was the Warre 2007 clean and rich and Taylor Fladgate was wonderful too… and at some point, very late in the evening i needed a place to put my book down and write. i walked up to a table of beautiful men who leaned into it all in a circle with one small opening, just for me. they introduced themselves: christophe, matthieu, louis, more. they were from a small region in france called the Rhone, did i know it they asked? ah, i knew these guys looked familiar.




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