Becco is a lovely little place on Restaurant Row opened by Lidia Bastianich and her son Joseph in 1993. we were hoping to get a seat, since our friend had eaten there the day before, which was wednesday, and promised it would be packed as he had had to wrestle his way in just to get a spot at the bar.

inside we slipped, alone as could be. why? of course, it wasn’t wednesday. wednesday is matenées day. we practically had the place to ourselves. it would soon fill up in any case, but we settled in at the table like it was our own.

the staff was attentive yet totally relaxed and before i could ask what sparklers they had by the glass a bottle of Flor Prosecco (their own label) appeared tableside. nice, now that is the way to begin pranzo! i loved the Flor which was creamy and delicious with peaches on the side.

lunch was fantastic: around the table the famous pasta on my left and some fish on my right for the boys. i had the mussels and a salad, delicious. but the wine! oh! we got to learn all about Refosco! we enjoyed a bottle of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso Vigneto Montsclapade. bravissimo! gorgeous color, powerfully elegant, ripe blackberry, toasted pine nuts, fruity pebbles and craisins galore. suffice it to say, we loved this wine. it was a wonderful discovery.

and off we had to go but not before i had a glass of Pinot Bianco Tramin from the Alto Adige (2008) for dessert. the only note that made it in the little black book was “marzipan.” i’ll take it.



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