We have a bad habit in our house.  We often slice into new packages of cheese by running the knife right through the plastic wrapper. We then continue to cut the cheese this way, a slice or chunk at a time. I blame MC, as I never did this before I met him.  In any case, it’s usually not such a tragedy. Until today.

Recently we did the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. It was an educational and fun visit. I am now a Woodford Reserve Girl (I had always been a Maker’s Mark Girl). On one of the days we stopped at a little wine shop in Frankfort for a bite and I discovered the best goat cheese. It was a Montrachet chevre. I loved it so much I bought the only package they had and carted it all the way back to California. Now, we have our favorite goat cheese company here, Cypress Grove. Their chevre (while delicious) is tangy and tart, not creamy and lush like this new cheese. As I have been sampling it most of the week, I have fallen into a sort of cheese-lust state of being. I now think about this cheese while working and working out. I can’t stop dreaming about it. So, my dilemma is that I now have no idea what brand this cheese is, due to our crude handling of the slicing of the package all week.

Maybe you can help? Does this look familiar? Let me know, you can see I am almost out.

Montrachet Chevre, who makes this

Don't let this happen to you.


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