Plucked From New Zealand Adventures…in response to  earlier post “Good Advice From Chef Maree”

I had a mad and unexpected taste for cauliflower as I had worked up an appetite during a six hour winery bike tour that afternoon. Tired, happy and enlightened; I arrived at the table. A line up of reds awaited, but first proper French Champagne to cleanse the palate and to toast the accomplishment of our collective legs.

We ordered from the list of appetizers selecting a scallops dish, white bait and a beet salad to start. What was nice was the ability to choose from a variety of sizes. We could get a tasting portion or an entree portion – allowing more room for sampling and education.

The food was delicious, the petite scallops arrived first, all nestled into a bed of none other than a creamy cauliflower puree. Remembering my craving, I counted this as a premonition.

It was fantastic!

Next, we discovered white bait, a wonderful little fish, whole, in a delicte eggy binder and formed into small cakes friend to golden perfection… No regrets.

I had salmon for my main dish, playfully prepeared with a flurry of edemame and diced vegetables. Simple but delicious and cooked just right.

In the end I noted in my little book, “Attentive, sensitive, aware food. Attentive to details, sensitive to season, aware of place.”

Your love affair is a brilliant one, Maree.

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