solbar in calistoga is one of my favorite places to while away the hours. the people are great, the wines are always flowing and the food is exceptional. in the summer the big widows slide wide and let the inside out. winter, the contemporary fireplace is a good spot to cozy up and drink heavy red.

recently, we had dinner with a few friends and what a line up it was…

i have a new favorite champagne (ok, i know a new one today) but it is “supergood” as stated in the little black book. get this – Jacques Selosse Brute Rose nv – buttered biscuit with honey (and maybe honeycombs), duck fat, watermelon popcorn from adrea b’s fifth grade sleepover while watching raiders of the lost arc, reddest raspberry. i loved this champagne so much that my friends taught me about the irish pour. we laid the “empty” bottle down on its side for a bit so every last drop could collect, and then i was awarded with one more fragrant taste in my flute. thanks, guys!

quivet cellars, spring mountain 2007: really good… blackberry pie, donut holes with jam, stroopwafel from the albert cuyp market in amsterdam… yum! onto burgundy with bonnes mares louis jadot strong cheese and earthy liver and mushrooms and onions, honeysuckle.

then it was coffee and bed. ahhh. i heart calistoga. i really do.



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