i knew i was in trouble when i showed up at the white party wearing black from head to ruby red toe. (no, i did not get the memo) but i had heard that there would be salsa music, and plenty of it, so i dressed accordingly in my swishiest black lace skirt. i did, however, opt to leave the hundred yard petticoat back at the ranch. the last time she came out, she caused quite a bit of trouble.

and before the dancing there was wine, of course.

black bart’s marsanne stagecoach vineyard – oh my! cold strawberries, horehound, oysters!, smoke and peat on the palatte — was this aged in whiskey barrels? we wondered aloud… a zin – who’s zin? don’t know i liked it too much to bother writing it down. silly me. tons of fruit, sassafrass, deep-fried zuchinni, black raspberry. saddleback’s brand new ’07 grenache blanc – what fun! – refreshing and the most pale champagne pink ever with delicate flavor to match. brassfield’s pinot noir rose high valley — sexy, spicy then the duttons came out (roger we are forever indebted to you for your generous hospitality and kindness you wonderful wonderful man) pinot noir ’05 cola, dark cherry, lamb slow cooked with herbs and spice, vanilla! love this pinot… another dutton… 2001 delicious, i scribbled sideways… pen starting to fail…wonderful delicious red fruit…oh yes

and then the band was playing and it was hard to hide while wearing all black at the white party. in the end it did not stop me — or my skirt — who is simply made for dancing and couldn’t help herself at all.



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