About the Author

Sherri Dobay grew up on a lovely horse farm in a small Midwestern town.  Growing up in the country, Sherri benefited from being close to her grandparents and their gardens. She got a taste of danger hanging out in the garage watching her dad build choppers in the 1970’s and later riding along with him. She observed his sensitive side while he painstakingly designed and airbrushed custom paint jobs on the bikes. Her mother is an artist as well, and was her first teacher in drawing her beloved horses, which they also rode together. First pictures of Sherri show her and her mom on a big roan mare, Tammy, with Sherri up on the saddle slipped comfortably between her mom and the saddle horn. It was having her own pony at the young age of two (a rescue gift from her grandparents) that truly instilled her love of adventure. As soon as she was able, she was out in the barn alone, saddling her pony and racing around their big fields in the sun. Horses were always a part of her life, and she continues to own and ride one today.

Her studies began at a small rural school and eventually took her all over the world. She attended a small equestrian college.  She studied horses and art and took full advantage of their robust studies abroad program. She spent time in both Amsterdam and Perugia, Italy. Not one to live by tradition, Sherri spent her last semester abroad and graduated in absentia. The day she was honored with being at the top of her graduating class, she was actually physically far away on a rock filled beach in Greece, gazing at the Aegean Sea and writing. She found out about the honor weeks later when she returned to the States.
After all that moving around, it was hard to imagine a life in the place she had grown up. Even the shores of her favorite lake weren’t stretching far enough away.  Few there understood why she painted blue horses. In the late 90’s she packed her car and drove out west, pointing her energy towards California.

Sherri landed on the coast of Northern California and fell in love with the ocean, the trees, the way of life and the people. She made painting after painting and people loved and purchased them all. It was here that she truly fell in love with wine, and an informal training began full of blind tastings groups, studying flavors and prolific note taking on all of it. Meanwhile, she founded a successful design firm building websites and creating graphics. She continued to paint and sell art. She eventually found her way into the Napa Valley, and her life was changed forever.

With her background in art and design, and her passion for wine,  Ruby Kurant her own small label was born. In appreciation of her love for Chateneuf du Pape, she produced 400 cases of The Archer, a sassy Rhone blend from Napa Valley featuring her own art on the label which is now sold out.  Her second release was a Grenache, and is now sold out. The  current release is more of the same with another original painting showcased on the bottle.

Daily Decadence is her first book, unless you count The Red Thread: 20 Years of Love Words, which she penned, printed and bound by hand and gave away with each purchase from her painting series The Passion Ponies.  For more art including woodcuts and prints visit bluhorsestudios.com. Order Daily Decadence here.