Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living


Daily Decadence by Sherri DobayThe holidays are upon us and Christmas is fast approaching. The cold and snow of winter has arrived and it is a perfect time to suggle up with a warm drink, a crackling fire and a copy of Daily Decadence, The Art of Sensual Living. Let the stories add a bit of inspiration to your life and cooking. We personally recommend the Perfectly Roasted Chicken and the Mushroom and Love Risotto for your next winter get together.  Get your own copy right here.

Daily Decadence is the perfect gift for the ENJOYALIST on your list… or perhaps for that special someone who needs a little more inspiration in their day… and it’s ok if that person is YOU. It’s so easy to have one.

San Francisco Bay Guardian Online Says:

By Sherri Dobay

Sherri Dobay feels like a kindred spirit… although young, her romantic, sensual verbiage communicates that “old soul,” the kind of view with which I’ve seen the world since girlhood. Food, wine, art, nature, horses (she’s a rider) are her subject, and she is as inspiring as she is comforting. More memoir than cookbook — and published in a format that’s hard to open while working in the kitchen — the book’s draw is its tone, not its recipes. Sections are grouped around themes of decadence (Divine Decadence, Decadent Simplicity, Decadence of the Seasons, Decadence of Letting Go), and wine recommendations are explored from a right-brain perspective rather than thorough analytical tasting notes. Reading bits of the book at a time is like a sip of crisp, refreshing wine.

From James Laube, Senior Editor, Wine Spectator:
“Anyone who loves life, food, wine, travel and romance will find Daily Decadence irresistible. Sherri Dobay’s brilliant debut book celebrates life the way we should live it–day by day, meal by meal, bite by bite, savoring each sip and exploring the nuances of love and pleasure, no matter where we are.

Join her on the back seat of a motor scooter navigating the narrow roads of the Amalfi Coast, astride a horse cantering along the beach, nestled in front of a roaring fire sipping champagne, or preparing a romantic dinner. Daily Decadence is playful, flirty, sexy and revealing in a way that inspires warmth and comfort. 

Once you start reading you won’t be able to put it down.”

Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living will delight you with a combined sense of calm and lusciousness; an ability to observe delight and a conscious effort to invite at least five minutes of celebration into a packed day.


Audrey Wells, Film Director & Screenwriter, Under the Tuscan Sun
“Sherri Dobay has given wine a sex life.”

Combine the free spirit of Anais Nin with a generous helping of the bestselling Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook and the result will be Daily Decadence: The Art of Sensual Living. It’s a momentary farewell to daily routines and a big hello to inspired decadence, to the fabulous things all around and ready to delight us.  Through stories, recipes, wine selections, and original art by the author, we are invited to stop, open our eyes and ourselves to touch-taste-feel and celebrate something luxuriant each day.

Napa Valley vintner, cook, and artist Sherri Dobay gives us a tour of her world, a place filled with sensual romps, visual treats, and wine pairings with each sumptuous and simple dish, to accompany that sweet sinking sensation into transcendent bliss. Through more than 60 vignettes accompanied by 60 recipes and Dobay’s creative wine tasting notes, our senses come alive again; we experience our own ripeness and the wonder of our very lives. Dobay teaches that we don’t have to live in a vineyard to experience the sensual life.

Daily Decadence, is the perfect book for overworked any-somethings, for foodies, wine tasters, horse lovers, dreamers and doers. Dobay inspires us to add some indulgence to everyday life, no matter how busy we are.

So slip in a little decadence; some tiny treat, some little luxury, some small something special into each day of your amazing life.  In traveling and cooking with Sherri Dobay, the world sparkles anew.

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